Ahoy! Joshua here. πŸ˜ƒ

So I’ve got just one question…

Have you ever wanted to create an online business that allows you to sail around the world?

Luckily, you’re in the right place!

That’s part of the reason I built Cruising Freedom.

Almost everyone is seeking to ‘get online’, especially after a bumpy 2020/2021.

Now in 2023, being online is even more appealing to the cruising community.

Because of this, you can bring forward your dream of world cruising sooner.

That certainly beats waiting several decades for the dream. Am I right?

Now over the years, I’ve come across dozens of business models and ideas.

From freelancing to working remote jobs, and even building consulting firms.

And yet, none have really fit perfectly for independent sailors.

Until now.

You see, I’ve found an exciting opportunity… πŸ”₯

Many people are seeking to work online right now.

And us cruisers often head into remote anchorages

And so, most internet-based business models aren’t viable.

Anything that requires constant customer service won’t survive with a patchy WIFI.

Especially when you’re sailing through developing countries.

(Like choosing a 20-pound anchor for a 45+ foot yacht. That’ll let you down!)

Nor will a remote job where you’re required to clock in and clock out at certain times.

What you really need is an online business where you can work when you want.

And most importantly, one that doesn’t require your attention every single day.

Found a marina with powerful WIFI? Great! A chance to get some work done.

Discovered a remote atoll and you’re keen to stick it out for a few weeks? Perfect.

Let your business continue to make you a full-time income in the background.

That’s the type of real online business you want. πŸ˜ƒ Just…brilliant.

You can have one that starts to run well beyond your active input.

For me – that’s come in the form of digital assets.

And you know, Cruising Freedom is one such example.

The helpful content I create can help thousands of people in the cruising community.

At the same time, the site will continue to pay me WELL into the future.

Keeping my sail kitty well and truly topped up.

And I’ve built 20+ websites just like this.

It’s easier, once I learned the ropes.

(Pun intended! lol)

But hey… *shaking my head*

It’s not about me here…

It’s about YOU and YOUR DREAMS of living on a sailboat.

You’ll need the capital to buy a sailboat + an active income stream to continue sailing.

And that’s best done by you. You gotta be resourceful…like any good sailor out there!

Today, you could be building out a portfolio of digital assets to fund your cruising.

Essentially, you’re simply talking about your favorite brands on the internet.

These digital assets are really cash-flow machines.

Better yet – it’s a hot market. These websites are selling for $100,000+

Every. Single. Day.

Have you heard of the FIRE Movement?

Many fans are buying up digital assets.

This way, they can bring forward their dreams of early retirement or semi-retirement.

Now, my friend…you’re still reading this far down. Congratulations! πŸ˜ƒ

(And I mean that genuinely!)

Attention and curiosity aren’t easy to come by these days.

So, where am I going with this? I want to show you to get trained properly.

I want to help you build a real business that suits the cruising lifestyle, just like me.

I’d like you to fulfill your dreams of enjoying the endless summers.

Yes, just like those YouTubers you’ve been watching.

(Just like you, I certainly binge-watch many of their episodes!)

To get to their destinations, you need to make a start today.

And that starts with proper training, and it’s free. πŸ‘

You’ll discover how to:

➜ Start a website around your passion (such as sailing!)

➜ How to make an income stream from that website

➜ Ways to scale up and automate many parts of the process

More importantly – how to do it with a supportive community!

When I discovered how to build profitable websites, I never looked astern.

And even with my experience, I still refer back to their training often.

Chris Luck is my mentor who has been doing this gig for 20+ years!

πŸ”₯ >> Sign Up To His Free Training Here << πŸ”₯

You know, it’s rare that he opens his doors to new people.

But you see…

Every cruiser needs to know how to turn their active income into semi-passive income.

It’s how you can finally secure your future, regardless of what’s happening in the world.

And today, there are now more than 2,750 students that love his online training.

Many in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe too!

Now look, I have to admit something that really worried me.

I thought long and hard about whether I should talk about my website investing mentor…

After all, I might actually create competition for myself. 😬

You know, if I inspire people to build their own ambassador website…

They might build a competing site about cruising and sailing around the world.

But remember, it isn’t actually about me here. I’ve got enough already. 😊

This really is a passion project of mine where I like to share the good vibes!

So it’s really about you and fulfilling your dreams of world cruising.

And I certainly didn’t want to be that person that won’t share some wisdom.

Now if you’re ready to learn, then get started with his free ambassador training.

No experience is needed and you’ll learn a lot from his masterclass.

It starts in just a few minutes from now actually.

So I’d really love to catch you on the inside…

And later, see you on the beaches of the world. 🏝

Think about those remote anchorages and experiencing true freedom.

That’s my offer for you so you can start moving forward.

At the very least, I hope I’ve helped you with this website.

I hope I’ve inspired you and taught you a few lessons too.

It’s both a labor of love and passion.

And most importantly, something that I’ll continue building out for years to come.

So from one sailing enthusiast to another…

Safe winds and following seas

– Joshua “The Cruising Freedom Guy” Smith. ⛡️

P.s. You should really jump on his training webinar here πŸ’»

It’s totally free and if anything, you’ll come away more empowered with online skills for the future.