Popular Anchorages

Hey there! It’s Joshua, editor of Cruising Freedom.

Much like you, I envision sailing around the world and experiencing the freedom that we all deserve. That’s regardless of our backgrounds and upbringings.

On this page, you’ll find some beautiful anchorages for both sail and motorboats.

17 Beautiful Boating Anchorages in Sydney

Sydney ranks very high on our list of beautiful places to explore with a yacht or catamaran. It’s no surprise really given its incredible year-round temperatures and epic scenery, paired with access to services and conveniences seldomly available to cruisers. And while Sydney itself is an expensive city to live in, that isn’t so much

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5 Picture-Perfect Anchorages for Boats On The Gold Coast

So you’re looking to spend some time on the beautiful Gold Coast. Despite all its glitz and glamour, there are numerous places where you find solitude away from all the influencers. If you’re needing a place to anchor your boat, then this is where I’d be starting. These are the best boat anchorages on the

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