The Sailing Family: Net Worth, Story and SV Archer (2023)

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Joshua Smith

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This is the definitive guide on The Sailing Family for 2023.

Over the last 24 months, I have spent 67 hours watching and researching everything I could about The Sailing Family as I love their channel!

In this guide, you’ll discover:

➔ How Seth and Elizabeth afforded their boat

➔ How they make their money today

➔ What boat do they have and its upgrades

➔ How you can start crossing oceans

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The Sailing Family FAQs (April 2023)

Boat Name

S/V Archer

Crew Members

Seth Hynes, age 42

Elizabeth Hynes, age 41

Hale Hynes, age 10

Rhys Hynes, age 9

Pierce Hynes, age 7

The Boat

The Sailing Family’s previous boat is a 2014 Outremer 51′ in a 3-cabin owner’s version which is easily recognizable as it’s painted in ‘Ferrari’ red.

It was sold in Australia as Hull #32. They no longer own a boat.

Previously they owned a smaller Lagoon 380 catamaran before they had children which they later found (12 years later) in Brisbane, Australia.

I was kayaking at the Mooloolaba marina recently and came across Zatara’s old yacht too!


The Sailing Family have made very few changes to Archer, due primarily to the high-quality nature of Outremer’s catamarans.

The only upgrades are:

➔ Additional solar on the bimini (800w)

➔ 12-volt freezer to stay remote for longer

➔ Turned the starboard hull shower into a closet


The Sailing Family from YouTube are still actively sailing with their 3 boys, and as of June 2022, have left Australia and returned to the United States.

They have not uploaded anything more to YouTube since January the 31st, 2022. I do check back on their channel often and haven’t found any more updates.

They are were cruising Australia’s east coast while awaiting COVID restrictions to ease.

Given their current location on Instagram, they appear to be about 3 months behind on their video production.

Past Cruising

The Sailing Family have taken Archer to:

➔ The South Pacific

➔ New Zealand

➔ Australia

➔ The United States

➔ The Panama Canal

➔ The Caribbean

Before the boys came, Seth and Elizabeth sailed their previous boat SV Honeymoon, a Lagoon 380, to The Caribbean and Europe.

In Australia, they went as far north as Lizard Island and as far south as Sydney.

Affording It

To buy Archer, Seth had worked in marketing and sales for some of the world’s most respected luxury brands.

Once they had kids, both Seth and Elizabeth save and sold all of their posessions. They then took out a boat loan for their catamaran on a low interest rate where the balance is secured against their retirement funds.

Making Loot

The Sailing Family previously made money through money through:

➔ YouTube advertising revenue on every video

➔ Selling official Teespring merchandise

➔ Rental income from their investment property

➔ Vacay, Elizabeth’s new fashion business (on hold)

Net Worth

Cruising families are typically wealthy.

As of 2023, The Sailing Family has a net worth of $3,200,000 US dollars.

They didn’t come from wealthy parents but Seth and Elizabeth did work really hard before they had children.


The Sailing Family has only collaborated with:

➔ Brett Vaughan’s SEAbbaticals by Multihull Central

Sailing Zatara in Fiji and Australia

Big Moments

The Sailing Family remarkable moments are:

➔ An accident causing hull damage due to a poor mooring ball breaking loose in Bora Bora

➔ Becoming caught up in New Zealand’s tough COVID-19 restrictions in April/May 2021

➔ A non-competitive race between Gunboat and Outremer (Spoiler alert: Gunboat won!)

➔ Losing control of their boat at nighttime and not being able to reduce their sail area

➔ Seth getting a significant face-wound due to body surfing with his friend, Luke, on the Sunshine Coast.

Future Plans

Now that SV Archer has been sold, where to next?

And why haven’t they uploaded anything for almost a year?

Seth is currently working with HH Catamarans as their new President. I believe they’re also seeking some privacy and adjusting to a new routine.

Key Takeaways

There is much we can all learn from The Sailing Family:

➔ Sailing with kids is relatively easy

➔ A fast blue water boat is a safe boat

➔ Be wary of mooring balls in Bora Bora

➔ Couples need to work as a team

➔ Life is short, so make magic happen


The Sailing Family is the perfect example of making sacrifices to take children sailing around the world.

I hope Seth’s new role takes the family to new heights and destinations that few will ever experience!

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