YouTube Channels

Hey there! It’s Joshua, editor of Cruising Freedom.

Much like you, I really enjoy watching YouTube channels about sailing around the world. In fact, I’ve been obsessed ever since coming across La Vagabonde in late 2015.

And so given my keen interest in circumnavigation, I thought I’d create this page highlighting some of the most interesting YouTubers around. Much of them started just like us – a dream, a vision and with the motivation to make it happen.

In many cases, they didn’t quite *know* how to go about creating a predictable income stream online, but somehow they have made it work. Many have built massive and loyal followings through their creative story-telling and editing.

I hope this page is useful for you.

While I love catamarans, I’ve also included YouTube influencers who have yachts as that’s where most beginner sailors will begin their journey.