Blue Top Legend: Are The Twin Girls from Haulover Single? (2023)

Everything You Always Wanted To Know

Joshua Smith

Founder and Editor at Cruising Freedom

This is the definitive guide on Blue Top Legend for 2023.

I’ve watched many videos from Broncos Guru, Wavy Boats and Boats vs Haulover, and I’ve regularly seen the infamous Blue Top Legend.

If you wanted to know:

➜ Who the twins are from the Blue Top Legend

➜ How these sisters make their money today

➜ What boat do they have and its upgrades

➜ How old they are and their Instagram handles

Then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

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Blue Top Legend FAQs (April 2023)

Boat Name

I’m not sure what the boat is called, but it’s definitely known as many as the Blue Top Legend as it’s been featured on Wavy Boats so much.

Crew Members

The two twin sisters from the Blue Top Legend went viral on the internet on the 15th of July, 2021 after being spotted on several popular boating channels, namely Wavy Boats.

This was their iconic photo:

While young (they were 17), they gave their boat a full send which impressed everyone! And then they did it again, and again…and again!

Today, the girls are both 19 years old.

The real names of the Blue Top Legend twins are:

➜ Sofia Jewelewicz (age 19)

➜ Ariana Jewelewicz (age 19)

The girls have been trying to hide on Instagram after becoming famous online. This is why their profiles are set to private. They are active on TikTok and are single.

Their dad is a local and highly-respected boating enthusiast, and they get along with him very well.

The Boat

The twin girls that drive the Blue Top Legend have a 1988 Boston Whaler 13ft Super Sport powered by a single 50hp Yamaha outboard. They have just retired this boat for a 16′ Dauntless:

It seems to handle Boca Inlet significantly better than most other boats, including those 3x as heavy.


I’m trying to find their exact house address but it’s been difficult. If you do find it, then let me know. Thanks!

Affording It

The girls’ boat was bought for by their dad. He actually gifted it to them but does get to use it himself when they’re in school. 👍

Net Worth

The Blue Top Legend girls are kinda rich, with a net worth of $250,000 each. They come from quite a rich family from Florida but are very down to earth too.

Making Loot

Both girls are in college and haven’t tried to make money from their internet fame. That said – you can buy their official Blue Top Merchandise if you feel like fully sending it!

Most guys do this to help support them and their fuel costs. Other guys chipped in small donations to fund the purchase of the new boat.

Big Moments

Their biggest moment, other than becoming famous in Florida’s boating community, was later almost sinking their boat. Boca Inlet was just a little too much that they, and they had to get towed back:

Future Plans

The girls are planning to take on Boca Inlet as much as they can over this upcoming summer season. Hopefully with an extra 50hp on tap!

They recently created their own YouTube channel. It’s more than 15,000 subscribers with just 6 videos. They certainly have a ton of fans like me!


I think many of us have been amazed to see what their little boat can do. The girls haven’t held back and are here to show the men how it’s all done.

I’ll definitely be paying attention to their channel. They really encapsulate the sheer freedom (with a sense of niavety) that we all had in our youth.

Absolute legends that deserve every bit of their success.

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