Lazy Gecko Sailing and Adventures: Net Worth and Earnings (2023)

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Joshua Smith

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This is the definitive guide on Lazy Gecko Sailing for 2023.

Over the last 18 months, I have spent 31 hours watching and researching everything I could about Lazy Gecko as one of their most loyal fans.

I really am a fan of the adventures of Jeremiah, Brittany and Rhys!

If you’ve always wanted to know:

➔ How they afforded their boat

➔ How they make their money today

➔ Why they are called ‘Lazy Gecko’ in the first place

➔ What boat they have and its upgrades

➔ How you can start crossing oceans

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Lazy Gecko Sailing FAQs (April 2023)

Boat Name

S/V Calypso

Crew Members

Jeremiah Gowl (age 43) from San Diego, California.

Brittany Gowl (age 42) from Orilla, Canada.

Jeremy and Brittany met in a bar (since closed) called Lazy Gecko in Florida, where the inspiration for their YouTube channel name came from.

Rhys Gowl (age 8) from Cove Springs, Florida.

Brittany is indeed the biological mum of Rhys. Jeremy has 4 kids from a previous marrage, none of which come sailing with him.

They also had a cat onboard.

They operate under Lazy Gecko Sailing LLC based in Spring Hill, Florida.

The Boat

Lazy Gecko says a 2013 Antares 44i with an owner’s cabin and galley down design, featuring 3 cabins and 2 heads.

It’s considered by the cruising community to be the ultimate bluewater catamaran designed for sailing around the world. Antares only produces one model which is fully spec’d for world cruising.

Previously, Jeremiah and Brittany owned a much smaller monohull which became a victim of Hurricane Matthew. This was a temporary boat they paid about $60,000 for so they could learn sailing, in addition to taking sailing lessons.


Given the dependability of Antares, the family hasn’t needed to upgrade much in the way of mechanical or electrical parts.

They have:

➔ Replaced 2 of their batteries costing $7,000

➔ Installed a brand new watermaker


Lazy Gecko Sailing are currently in the Bahamas.

This is one of their most recent videos:

Past Cruising

Lazy Gecko have previously sailed in:

➔ The Caribbean

➔ The Bahamas

➔ The Exumas

➔ Dominican Republic

Despite having argubly one of the world’s best bluewater catamarans, they haven’t sailed extensively. This may be due to COVID-19 restrictions or custody arrangements with their kids.

Affording It

Britanny owned two small businesses which they sold and funded the purchase of the boat.

In addition, Jeremiah was an Active Duty U.S. Marine and left after roughly 2 decades of service, including a disability pension.

They also invested wisely in their early days, and saved as much as they could to afford their dream catamaran.

Net Worth

As of 2023, I estimate Lazy Gecko Sailing to have a net worth of $1,752,000, with their boat costing $870,000 US-dollars.

Making Loot

Their monthly income is around $17,000 comprising of:

➔ Jeremiah’s army pension

➔ Sales of their merch

➔ YouTube advertising revenue

➔ Uncut sailing videos on Vimeo

➔ Dividends from their investments

Brittany also has her private adult-only Patreon with more than 200 paid subscribers called NautiMate which makes her an additional $4,000/month. It features some real and uncensored nudity as you might expect.

She doesn’t have an OnlyFans and it’s difficult to find free/leaked/uncut photos on other websites.

Several guys have contacted me since this review went live to say that Brittany was a stripper in her younger days. She operated across numerous bars from 2002 to 2007 where she made a small fortune.

This explains why Lazy Gecko sailing nude photos are in high demand, but yet, no one has been able to substantiate these claims.

If you do have more information, please reach out!


Lazy Gecko hasn’t collaborated with any other creators as of 2023.

Big Moments

Some notable moments in their history include:

➔ Having their rudder fail at the worst possible time

➔ Going through several challenging thunderstorms

➔ Responding to a Mayday call

➔ Dragging anchor more than once

Most of their cruising is in calm coastal waterways so it’s not expected to see any wild moments.

Future Plans

Lazy Gecko Sailing make great money on YouTube and will continue their adventures. They aspire to cruise into Europe and South America including more of the Bahamas.

Key Takeaways

What can we learn from Jeremy, Brittany and family?

➔ Play the long game but start planning today

➔ Buy the best boat you can afford for the trip

➔ YouTube can pay very well if done properly

➔ Don’t be afraid to take a solo child along


What can we learn from Jeremy, Brittany and family?

➔ Play the long game but start planning today

➔ Buy the best boat you can afford for the trip

➔ YouTube can pay very well if done properly

➔ Don’t be afraid to take a solo child along

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