Life Well Cruised: Net Worth and YouTube Earnings (2023)

Everything You Always Wanted To Know

Joshua Smith

Founder and Editor at Cruising Freedom

This is the definitive guide on Life Well Cruised for 2023.

I find Ilana’s channel to be super helpful for first-time cruisers out there and often recommend it to many of my fans here.

If you wanted to know:

➜ How Life Well Cruised affords to go cruising often

➜ How they make their money on YouTube today

➜ How you can start crossing oceans

Then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Before we start, a quick introduction from me…

The Cruising Freedom Author

Ahoy, Matey! I’m Joshua from Australia.

I’ve built the perfect business to sail the world.

A business model which can allow me to:

➜ Own a catamaran debt-free

➜ Go for weeks without WIFI

➜ Create semi-passive income

➜ Inspire others to dream big

But more on that later… 🙂

Life Well Cruised FAQs (April 2023)

Crew Members

Frank Schattauer (age 52)

Ilana Schattauer (age 49)

They have been married since September off 1994.

They’re from Montreal, Canada but are rarely if ever home!

They live to go cruising and have created the perfect lifestyle business that supplements their hobby!

Past Cruising

With 50+ cruises under their belt, they have experienced much of the Western world with each other.

Affording It

They worked normal jobs for many years while cruising on the side. They began blogging and eventually vlogging which has helped them fund their cruising adventures.

Net Worth

YouTubers can be wealthy or simply be normal like us. It depends.

As of 2023, Life Well Cruised has a net worth of $950,000 Canadian dollars.

This is a conservative estimate based on the value of their home, car and most importantly, profitable online business.

Most of their audience is wealthier and turns to the Schattauers for helpful and trusted advice.

Making Loot

While they aren’t travel/booking agents, they do make a great income with their content.

I estimate that Life Well Cruised makes around $7,500/month. The demographic that they serve is often the upper middle class who have both time and disposable income to spend on cruising.

And both Frank and Ilana deserve their earnings for everything they have given over the years.

But how do they make money? Well…

➜ Selling digital downloads such as the Ultimate Cruise Planner

➜ Amazon affiliate links to products they use and recommend

➜ Ads that play on their YouTube videos (these do pay well given their engaged and wealthy audience)

I haven’t seen any Patreon subscriptions or brand sponsorships. And no – they are NEVER paid by the cruise lines to do a review. Each trip is paid for with their own money from their retirement accounts.


I haven’t seen them with any other popular cruisers at this time.

Big Moments

Apart from some strange encounters with other passengers, they haven’t really dealt with anything too negative. They tend to go for standard and premium cruises, as opposed to low-budget options.

Future Plans

They are planning to cruise for the next 10+ years!

Key Takeaways

What can we learn?

➜ Always do your research

➜ You CAN build an online cruising business

➜ Cruising solo can be awesome

➜ Buy her cruise planner (it’s awesome)

And enjoy your short time on this beautiful planet!


Ilana has truly mastered YouTube, creating the perfect-length YouTube videos with incredibly helpful content by a true expert!

I hope she (and Frank) continue to create for years to come.

Create Your Own Cruising Freedom

Hey! 😃 it’s Joshua again…

I’ve been very inspired by their cruise ship adventures…

Some say I’m obsessed, but sailing the world is my childhood dream.

They’re living the dream, but that dream isn’t actually that far away.

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