Salt And Tar: What Is Garrett and Ruth’s Net Worth? (2023)

Everything You Always Wanted To Know

Joshua Smith

Founder and Editor at Cruising Freedom

This is the definitive guide on Salt And Tar for 2023.

Since 2015, I have spent so many hours watching and researching everything I could about Salt And Tar to learn more about their remarkable boat restoration projects.

(Yes, I really am *that* obsessed with Garrett and Ruth 😃)

If you wanted to know:

➜ How Salt And Tar afforded their boat

➜ How they make their money today

➜ What boat do they have and its upgrades

➜ How old they are

➜ How you can start crossing oceans

Then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Before we start, a quick introduction from me…

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Salt And Tar FAQs (April 2023)

Boat Name

S/V Rediviva and S/V Button 2.

Crew Members

Garrett Jolly (age 35)

Ruth Jolly (age 34)

They have been together since they were 15 and even bought their first sailboat together when they were 17. These two certainly are sticking together for life!

The Boat

George Buehler 40-foot yacht. Only a few of these were produced.

They previously owned a 1946 36-foot Johnna Hanna Ketch amongst several other classic yachts.


Upgrades to their project boat include:

➜ New engine and electrical systems

And a ton of carpentry work.


They live in the United States although I’m not sure which marina they are currently in. Their boat work is almost done!

This is one of their most recent videos:

Past Cruising

They haven’t really wailed all that much, focusing instead on their boat-build project.

Affording It

How did they afford to sail? Well, they saved up as much as they could and simply got to work.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Salt And Tar have a net worth of $275,000.

Making Loot

They make a part-time income through YouTube by:

➜ Selling their own merchandise

➜ Running ads on their YouTube channel

➜ Gaining donations via Patreon and PayPal

I estimate this is making them around $2,700/month and a lot goes back into their project work.


Have they collaborated with anyone? Not really. I haven’t seen them on any other channels, but I do see some synergy between them and Living With The Tide.

If you’re looking for a similar channel to follow, then I’d highly recommend that one!

Big Moments

There haven’t been any accidents, fires, click-bait drama or anything else on their channel. They don’t do anything silly to attract views and simply get on with their boat jobs. This explains why they are so popular on YouTube.

Future Plans

Where will they go sailing now? Well, they’re planning to sail around the world and will start in the Caribbean.

Key Takeaways

What can we learn from this skillful and ambitious couple?

➜ You CAN restore old boats

➜ Be willing to learn the tools

➜ Things don’t always go to plan

➜ Find someone who supports you

And of course, don’t take things so seriously. I think that’s helped them get through the most challenging elements of their boat build.


I can’t wait to see what’s beyond the horizon for these two. Whatever adventures await…they 200% deserve it after all this hard work! Absolute legends in my eyes.

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