Captain Lee Below Deck: Net Worth, Family and Salary

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Joshua Smith

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This is the definitive guide on Captain Lee for 2023.

Over the last several years, I have spent many hours watching and researching everything I could about Captain Lee to learn more about their story.

(Yes, I really am *that* obsessed with Captain Lee 😃)

If you wanted to know:

➜ How Captain Lee became so famous

➜ How much he’s paid on Below Deck

➜ What injuries he has suffered

➜ Who his wife and son are

➜ How you can start crossing oceans

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Captain Lee Below Deck FAQs (April 2023)

Real Name

Harold Lee Rosbach (age 73)


Captain Lee is married to Mary Anne.

They had one son together who is Joshua Lee Rosbach. Sadly, he died in July of 2019 after many struggles in his life.


In the 2022 season, Captain Lee suffered nerve damage in his left leg which proceeded to get worse over the coming days.

However, he appears to be ready for the next season!


He lives in Florida and this is his house:

He spends most of the year doing charters.

Past Cruising

Captain Lee has cruised in just about every popular cruising destination in the world.

Captain’s Salary

He’s paid a 6-figure salary…

Generally speaking, Captain Lee from Below Deck earns $170,000 per cruising season, plus a $100,000 royalty payment from the producers.

And he hardly spends much of it since all of his accommodation and meals are covered on board.

Net Worth

He’s also quite wealthy…

As of 2023, Captain Lee of Below Deck has a net worth of $7,500,000 USD.

This is based upon the value of his luxury Florida home and car, plus his real estate portfolio.

Given his existing wealth, he doesn’t need his 6-figure salary so it’s really just pocket money for him.

Making Loot

Captain Lee also makes money from client tips and passive income from real estate investing.


I haven’t seen him collab with any other YouTubers, but he’s been on just about every season of Below Deck.

Big Moments

Captain Lee is no stranger to controversy.

During his many seasons, he has:

Ended a charter abruptly (epic!)

➜ Got angry on many occasions

➜ Has dealt with many drunk guests

➜ Has left his crew to argue

➜ He has fired so many crew members

➜ Saved a guest who jumped in the water

He’s one of the most remarkable captains that the series has ever had. He’s as legendary as Captain Sandy Yawn!

Future Plans

Will Captain Lee ever buy his own boat and sail around the world? I hope so. He deserves his own freedom, rather than serving guests and their outrageous requests!

Key Takeaways

What can we learn from this cruising legend?

➜ Systems and processes help teams work better

➜ Don’t take anything for granted

➜ Open your mind to new opportunities

➜ Cruising leads to ultimate freedom

And train your crew to be world-class!


Captain Lee has truly made the series as good as it is!

He is well past the age of retirement but continues to work hard. He deserves to retire and see the world on his own schedule!

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