Expedition Drenched: How These Creators Built Their Channel

Everything You Always Wanted To Know

Joshua Smith

Founder and Editor at Cruising Freedom

This is the definitive guide on Expedition Drenched for 2024.

Over the last several years, I have spent many hours watching and researching everything I could about Expedition Drenched to learn more about their story.

(Yes, I really am *that* obsessed with their sailing, especially their adventures, especially in Australia 😃)

If you wanted to know:

➜ How Expedition Drenched afforded their boat

➜ How they make their money today

➜ What boat do they have and its upgrades

➜ Juice details about Nerea, Amy and more

➜ How you can start crossing oceans

Then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Before we start, a quick introduction from me…

The Cruising Freedom Author

Ahoy, Matey! I’m Joshua from Australia.

I’ve built the perfect business to sail the world.

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Expedition Drenched FAQs (2024)

Boat Name

S/V Sylfia

The name of the vessel comes from the original owner, Bernard. He combined the names of his two children – Sylvan and Sophia – who grew up in New Zealand.

Crew Members

Captain Nate Porter (age 34) owns the ship.

He was previously on S/V Delos for 5 months and found his dream boat literally the day he got off Brian’s boat.

From Season 1:

Nerea Basque (age 29)

They both left to purchase their own boat which ultimately become shipwrecked. More details down below.

Aitor (age 31) who is from Basque Country, Spain

Molly Johnson (age 28) who is from Cornwall, England

Chloe Deboosere (age 34) who is from Belgium

Will Keuppens (34) who is from Belgium

(Yes, Will is dating Chloe)

Oceane (age 31) from France

Amir da Sun (age 28) from Israel

Lindsay Hull (age 26) from Auckland, New Zealand

Brett (age 28) from South Australia (where I’m originally from too!)

Émilie (age 33) from Montréal, Canada (my favorite crew member!)

Dee Porter (age 59) who is from Salt Lake City, Utah. This is Nate’s mother. She was an avid dive instructor which is why Nate is so keen to head underwater

Peanut (their pet pig) from Vanuatu. He sailed with them sometimes but eventually had to be rehomed.

Phillip Blaszak (age 28) from Brisbane, Australia

John (age 66) from the Solomon Islands. Chief John was essentially their tour guide in the Solomon Islands but was one of the most likable guys ever.

Patrick (age 35) from Salt Lake City and was a friend of Nate’s.

Sylvan is the son of the original owner and builder and has crewed on the boat in the early days (2019).

Season 2:

Amy Lawson (age 21) from Brisbane, Australia.

Gloria Mcalister (age 30) from Western Australia

Here is a video with some of the latest crew members from the current season 3:

The Boat

Expedition Drenched has a custom-built 75-foot steel ketch. It’s a ship rather than a yacht. It’s one of a kind with a 68-foot mast you can actually climb.

She is a special boat and nothing else like I’ve come across.

It has a 4,700-litre water tank which is remarkable!


Nate and his beautiful crew have upgraded the yacht with:

➜ A ton of solar panels (88-gigawatts…lol)

➜ A watermaker

➜ Dive compressors

They have focused on the journey rather than boatwork.


Expedition Drenched were exploring the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and recently got down to Sydney.

They are up to date on their video production, with this being one of my favorite sails:

Past Cruising

So far, they have sailed in the Caribbean, South Pacific, Australia and SE Asia.

Affording It

Did Nate have rich parents? Not really. His mom is as humble as they come.

Nate knew the value of hard work. He kept his living expenses very low while working as a dive instructor and other freelance jobs and saved a ton.

Net Worth

As of 2024, my best estimate is that Expedition Drenched’s net worth is $470,000 based on the value of their yacht.

Making Loot

They make $6,200/month on YouTube through:

➜ Links to the sailing gear they use and recommend

➜ Selling their own Expedition Drenched merchandise

➜ They allow YouTube to run ads on their channel

➜ They also have a Patreon account and appreciate PayPal donations

They do take their video production and channel seriously.


As I mentioned earlier, Nate was on Delos for almost 6 months.

I have seen Expedition Drenched featured with:

Sailing Zatara

Gone With The Wynns

Unlike most other YouTubers who prefer to stay private, Expedition Drenched offers meetups so you can meet the crew in person!

Big Moments

Some epic experiences in their journey include:

➜ Finding human remains on an island

➜ Come across multiple shipwrecks

➜ Breaking into an abandoned resort

➜ Racing to the hospital in a storm as Patrick got an infection and needed antibiotics

Also, Oceane had to leave the boat after a broken arm initially believed to be a fracture. Her arm got caught in a fuller. She eventually returned to the boat with a smile.

Nerea eventually lost everything in a shipwreck near Rottnest Island, Australia. Celia Perez arranged a GoFundMe campaign which tells more about the story.

Future Plans

Where to next? Expedition Drenched are sailing around Australia and are planning to explore into SE Asia.

They have no desire to return to normal jobs or normal lives. The ocean is their home.

Key Takeaways

What can we learn from this awesome channel?

➜ Be willing to get your hands dirty

➜ You can definitely sail with a big crew

➜ Aim to be as resourceful as possible

➜ Find someone to join you on the journey

And of course, be humble and real.


Expedition Drenched has taken over Delos as a prominent sailing channel with a large, young crew. Their boat is next-level and their lifestyle is simply beautiful.

I can’t wait to see what’s to come!

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