Folsom Ocean Views: Who is Jes from YouTube? (2023)

Everything You Always Wanted To Know

Joshua Smith

Founder and Editor at Cruising Freedom

This is the definitive guide on Folsom Ocean Views for 2023.

Over the last 2 years, I have spent 23 hours watching and researching everything I could about Folsom Ocean Views to learn more about their story.

(Yes, I really am a little obsessed with Charles and Jes 😃 as we share many of the same values)

So if you wanted to know:

➜ How Folsom Ocean Views afforded their boat

➜ How they make their money from YouTube

➜ What boat do they have and its upgrades

➜ Who is Jes and what is her real age

➜ What type of work they did previously

➜ How you can start crossing oceans

Then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Before we start, a quick introduction from me…

The Cruising Freedom Author

Ahoy, Matey! I’m Joshua from Australia.

I’ve built the perfect business to sail the world.

A business model which can allow me to:

➜ Own a catamaran debt-free

➜ Go for weeks without WIFI

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But more on that later… 🙂

Folsom Ocean Views FAQs (April 2023)

Boat Name

S/V Leviosa

Oddly enough, they haven’t named their channel after their boat.

Crew Members

Charles Folsom (age 38)

Jes Laurent (age 35)

They have been together for 15 years and married for the last 10.

Radar and Phoenix are their dogs and the newest additions to the crew.

The Boat

Folsom Ocean Views owns a 2017 Leopard 40 catamaran. This is a very popular cruising catamaran and their specific boat has been built as an off-grid powerhouse.


Some upgrades include

➜ 1,675watts of solar panels paired with 9000aH of lithium batteries

➜ A 5000watt inverter and 6kw generator as a backup

➜ Airconditioning plus washer and dryer combo

➜ A Rainman water maker

➜ Zeus 3 AIS and radar

They are clearly aiming to live on this boat full-time and explore the world.


They are currently in Mexico, specifically on Long Island:

Past Cruising

As they purchased their catamaran during the Pandemic, they weren’t able to explore all that much, but they have sailed around the Bahamas and United States.

Affording It

Both Charles and Jes worked full-time in the tech world, often working remotely as digital nomads before it became popular. With no kids, they were able to save up enough to travel extensively, and later, purchase their catamaran for cash.

Net Worth

YouTubers are often wealthier than us, both financially and in terms of freedom.

As of 2023, Folsom Ocean Views have a net worth of $570,000.

This is based on the value of their boat and online business.

Making Loot

Previously, they were both working full-time from their boat with US-based companies, as explained here:

However, Charles was recently made unemployed after working for a startup, and so they’ve had to pivot and make YouTube their primary income.

But how exactly? Well…

➜ They offer a basic Patreon account

➜ You can buy merchandise from them

➜ They run ads on their YouTube channel

➜ They use affiliate links on their site

Despite having a smaller channel, they are doing reasonably well income-wise, making around $4,200/month.


They haven’t really been featured on any other channels, but if you have seen them elsewhere, please let me know.

Big Moments

Throughout their journey, they have

➜ Experienced a hurricane

➜ Got their anchor stuck

➜ Having their watermaker die

➜ Dealing with some cabin fever

As they haven’t really ventured beyond the United States, their videos center around helping other couples get into cruising full-time. I highly recommend their channel if you’re new to living on board!

Future Plans

Where to next? Well, as international borders have opened, it’s likely that they’ll explore the Caribbean…then who knows? Perhaps they’ll head towards the South Pacific…and then here to Australia! 🙂

Key Takeaways

What can we learn from this beautiful couple?

➜ You can live on board with dogs

➜ Working remotely is absolutely possible

➜ Be willing to do your own boat work

➜ Ensure you’re both up for the journey

And of course, prepare for the unexpected!


Despite their challenges, both Charles and Jes have rolled with the punches. Today they’re pushing hard through YouTube.

While they may never be as big as say La Vagabonde, they’re definitely helpful and share not just the lifestyle, but the tips and tools to make your liveaboard journey sustainable for the long-term.

And they have definitely created my type of channel. 🙂

Create Your Own Cruising Freedom

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