Windtraveler: Are Brittany and Scott Divorced Now? (2023)

Everything You Always Wanted To Know

Joshua Smith

Founder and Editor at Cruising Freedom

This is the definitive guide on Windtraveler for 2023.

Over the last 7 years, I ended up reading a ton of Windtraveler’s blog posts to learn more about their story. This included their unfortunate sinking of their 2 boats, and the eventual hurricane.

I was really quite obsessed with Brittany’s writing style 😃

If you wanted to know:

➜ How Windtraveler afforded their boat

➜ How they make their money today

➜ What boat do they have and its upgrades

➜ If Brittany and Scott got divorced

➜ How you can start crossing oceans

Then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Before we start, a quick introduction from me…

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Windtraveler FAQs (April 2023)

Boat Name

I can’t recall what the name of their current boat is.

Sadly, Windtraveler lost its two business boats. Both sunk and couldn’t be saved during Hurricane Irma, and without insurance coverage, their business went down overnight.

Crew Members

Scott Meyer (age 39)

Brittany Meyer (age 37)

They had 3 girls together, and the 2 youngest are twins.

Sadly, both Scott and Brittany divorced in 2019 after a challenging few years of raising 3 girls and running a business that took 60 hours/week from Scott’s life.

I think many of us expected this outcome…eventually.

They lacked family assistance and raising the girls took 200% of Brittany’s energy. It was very VERY taxing.

Brittany has since moved on and got a new relationship with an Australian called Jack, and recently, she gave birth to their baby girl! That’s her 4th daughter.

Scott and Brittany’s website ( hasn’t been updated for the last couple of years and may have been abandoned.

The Boat

After losing the two charter vessels, they purchased a Hallberg-Rassy 46 and previously a Brewer 44.


Scott and Brittany are still in the British Virgin Islands.

She lives on a boat while he lives in an apartment.

Past Cruising

They have done some coastal cruising before children, eventually settling into the British Virgin Islands once their daughters were born.

Affording It

Scott and Brittany didn’t come from rich parents, and thus, simply purchased an affordable yacht to get started. This happened long before the YouTube craze.

They then became one of the first – and eventually the biggest – bloggers on the scene, simply telling first-hand stories of the emotional toil that sailing has, especially with a young family on board.

They were able to qualify for bank loans to purchase their two charter vessels.

Net Worth

Windtraveler has a net worth of $270,000. They lost most of it in Hurricane Irma.

Making Loot

I’m not sure how well Brittany is getting on today or her ex-husband, Scott. If you know how she’s doing and if she created a new business, please reach out.

From all accounts, I imagine it would’ve been a struggle for them (and many others from the BVI’s) to rebuild their lives. Kids just make things all that much harder.


The only time I’ve seen the Windtraveler family on YouTube was on Paul and Sheryl’s channel from Distant Shores:

They were bloggers more than video creators, so it was refreshing to see them in real life.

Big Moments

During their epic journey, they have experienced:

➜ Multiple meltdowns due to cabin fever

➜ Building a business and sadly losing it all

➜ Brittany chose to file for divorce (expected)

One thing is for sure – they tried REALLY HARD to make this work. Most people wouldn’t put in 10% of what Scott and Brittany did to chase a better life in the tropics.

It wasn’t all doom-and-gloom either. They had some wonderful moments in their journey but weren’t afraid to hide the reality of cruising with kids.

Future Plans

Where to next? TBH, they haven’t updated anything for a while.

Key Takeaways

What can we learn from the Windtraveler story?

➜ The journey is worth the risk

➜ Raising kids is hard, but worth it

➜ Be willing to plan for tomorrow

➜ You can rebuild from nothing

And of course, good things might not always last.


I always believe the universe conspires to make things right. That might sound too ‘out there’ but it’s clearly worked in this case.

Brittany has bounced back strong, and while her blog hasn’t really been updated, she has been active on Instagram and has the joy of raising another daughter, this time with an entire village behind her.

I certainly can’t wait to see what’s next!

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