7 Best Sailing Jackets That Won’t Cost A Fortune

A quality sailing jacket is one product that’ll make or break your perfect day out there on the water. Choosing the right one can be difficult, but we’ve made that a little easier.

Our options are best for those who routinely go sailing and need a quality wind blocker, but aren’t sailing in difficult storms or multi-day races.

We have used and recommend:

1. Helly-Hansen Seven J Sailing Jacket

The Helly-Hansen brand is reliable and typically expensive, but this option is affordable while delivering the quality this brand is known for. The seven J sailing jacket is perfect for days when it’s not too cold, and the conditions aren’t tumultuous. It consists of polyamide waterproof construction, has a reflective surface, and is specifically designed for sailing. 

This jacket is breathable, which is crucial when you start sweating in cold weather, but it is also windproof, which ensures you stay warm when it really matters. It has multiple storage pockets, is machine washable, and you can wear it underneath or on top of additional layers. 

2. Wind Rider Pro Rain Sailing Jacket

We’ll start this list of the best sailing jackets with a jacket from Wind Rider, which is a reputable brand, and the sailing products are durable. You can use the Wind Rider Pro Rain jacket in various climates and trust that you’ll get protected from harsh elements such as rain, heavy winds, and more. The jacket has a high-visibility color available and is made from reflective materials that make it easier to see in emergencies, such as calling for help or falling overboard. 

For days particularly windy and cold, sailors will appreciate the high collar, which prohibits water from gathering in the hood and seeping down the jacket. Additionally, there’s a face cover and an insulated lining on the collar. The jacket is breathable yet waterproof and has a comfortable fit that makes room for additional layers underneath (though you don’t need more layers to feel warm). 

3. Baleaf Waterproof Sailing Jacket

The Baleaf waterproof sailing jacket is lightweight and ideal for mild winter weather conditions. You can wear it underneath a dry suit or on top of other layers of fleece to keep you warm. This jacket will keep you dry in moderate rain and from the chilly ocean spray early in the mornings or during torrential winds. 

The polyester fiber is durable and also laminated. It has six pockets, some of which are on the interior and the others on the exterior. The insulated hood has a unique design to prevent water from dripping onto your face, and the jacket comes in various colors. 

4. Columbia Men’s Packable Sailing Jacket

Another one of the best sailing jackets is the Columbia Men’s sailing jacket. It is a lightweight nylon material that looks stylish, feels comfortable, and can protect you I’m cold and rainy weather. The best conditions for this jacket are chilly summer evenings out on the water. 

You wouldn’t want something terribly heavy, but you also want to protect yourself from the brisk winds. The Columbia jacket is water-resistant, comes in six colors, and has storage pockets for your essential items. 

5. Little Donkey Andy Sailing Jacket

The Little Donkey Andy sailing jacket is excellent for moderate weather on the water. It comes in multiple colors ranging from bright yellow and red to dark colors such as navy blue. It has an outer shell that is waterproof and windproof, pockets lined with fleece to keep your hands warm, and retro-reflective piping along the sleeves. 

The zippers have pull tabs, the high collar prevents water from dripping down your back from the hood, and it fits comfortably. This flexible and lightweight jacket is durable nylon material and is unisex as well. 

6. Helly-Hansen Midlayer Sailing Jacket

Another Helly-Hansen classic, the midlayer sailing jacket is the perfect offshore accessory to help you stay dry and warm. This jacket has a water repellent exterior, uses moisture management technology, has deep cargo pockets to protect your valuables, and even anti-corrosion zippers. 

The material is breathable, lightweight, and durable, so you don’t have to worry about surprise leaks while in use. The hood has an insulated lining, the collar is thermal fleece material, and a chin guard comes built into the jacket. Offshore or coastal sailing is easier when wearing the midlayer sailing jacket. 

7. 8 Fans Waterproof Sailing Jacket

If you’re going out sailing and you’ve already checked the weather and know not to expect anything too severe, the 8 fans waterproof jacket is an excellent choice. It has two large waterproof pockets, it’s wind-resistant, and consists of a breathable fabric that still traps warmth. 

You can sail confidently knowing that your torso, neck, and face will be covered in the case of moderate winds and rain, and it’s not bulky. The hood is retractable in case you want a more comfy fit, and you get pockets on the sleeves for items like a phone, keys, and more. This jacket is well-balanced and affordable.