Sailing Nahao: Net Worth, Boat, Ages and YouTube Income (2024)

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Joshua Smith

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This is the definitive guide on Sailing Nahao for 2023.

Over the last few years, I have spent 75 hours watching and researching everything I could about Sailing Nahao as their channel is so captivating.

Because I really am *that* obsessed with Ben and Ashley!

If you want to know:

➔ How Ben and Ashley afforded their boat

➔ How they make their money today

➔ What boat do they have and its upgrades

➔ How you can start crossing oceans

Then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Many consider this site to be the Wikipedia of the YouTube cruising community.

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Sailing Nahao FAQs (2024)

Boat Name

Sailing Nahao, previously named Marheva.

Crew Members

Ben Stobbart (age 40)

Ashley Stobbart (age 42)

Willa Stobbart (age 4)

Their son Bodhi Stobbart (age 2)

The Boat

Nahao is a 2005 Lagoon 410.

This often isn’t consider a blue water cruising catamaran as it’s best for the charter market.

And yet, Ben and Ashley have made it work for their cruising adventures.

Fellow YouTuber David Shih has a similar boat and is planning a world expedition with his young family too!


Nahao has had many upgrades:

➔ A Code Zero and Main Sail

➔ 1200w of solar panels + D400 mount

➔ 3000W Victron inverter

➔ Iridium Go + Antenna

➔ Badelf GPS puck + iPad for navigation

➔ New Dacron Sailbag which Ashley made herself

➔ New Hardtop custom-made by Just Catamarans

➔ 10ft Inflatable Dingy with 15hp outboard

This video explains some of their favorite gear:


They are in Africa:

Past Cruising

Nahao has been sailed extensively to:

➔ North America

➔ Venezuela

➔ The Panama Canal

➔ Columbia

➔ The South Pacific (Coconut Milk Run)

➔ New Zealand

➔ Papua New Guinea

➔ Indonesia

Affording It

After the loss of Ashley’s father, Ben and Ashley worked hard, invested and sacrificed plenty for 7 years to afford their catamaran. The boat cost approximately $320,000 and required additional work to be cruiser-ready.

Net Worth

YouTube sailing channels are often multi-millionaires…

Here in 2024, Sailing Nahao has an estimated net worth of $1,900,000 USD. This is based on the value of their boat, online income and stock portfolio.

However, they hold very little available cash.

Making Loot

In 2023, Sailing Nahao makes money on YouTube with:

➔ YouTube advertising revenue

➔ Affiliate links on their website

➔ Patreon memberships (600+)

➔ Substack memberships (this is new!)

➔ Selling sailing fan merchandise

➔ Brand sponsorship with Precision Sail Loft, OceanRodeo, Steiner Optics and Brnkl

It’s estimated that Sailing Nahao makes $12,000/month which is enough to allow them to keep sailing.

They discuss how they make money in this episode:


Sailing Nahao hasn’t collaborated with any YouTube channels, however, they have a close connection with Sailing Zatara.

Big Moments

Sailing Nahao’s remarkable moments in cruising:

➔ A video on defending against pirate attacks

➔ Catching some seriously big fish while sailing

➔ Coming across a sinking catamaran on an Atoll

➔ Assisting with an amazing boat build in Indonesia

➔ Crashing into a rock after 4 years of cruising

➔ Being approached at sea while cruising

➔ Almost getting arrested in the Maldives

This is perhaps their scariest encounter where they were almost boarded in Seychelles:

Future Plans

Sailing Nahao are cruising Africa and will venture into Europe next year.

Key Takeaways

There is much we can learn from Ben and Ashley:

➔ Living on a catamaran is normal

➔ You can cruise and work remotely

➔ A production catamaran is still fine

➔ Affording a boat requires some sacrifice

➔ Work hard so you can live your dreams


In the wise words of Ben and Ashley: Never grow up.

I look forward to seeing their adventure continue with their two children too. This would be the ultimate #worldschooling experience.

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